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              Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life  Annotated

                2. Put Your Money to Work

                Saving is great, but to make the most of your money you need to put it to work. Good investments can be the difference between retiring in your 40’s or in your 60’s.

                A post today at The Simple Dollar really got me thinking. According to Trent’s projections, if a person in their early 20’s invests 20% of their income in an S&P index fund, the interest they earn will equal their current salary when they reach their early 40’s. They could retire without a drop in income!

                Wise investing is the surest path to financial independence and it’s something everyone can work on. It’s definitely an area I’ll be devoting more attention to in my personal life and on this blog.

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                                Psychology Today: Advice: Love After Loss  Annotated

                                  Advice: Love After Loss





                                            Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Le (2001)

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                                                            Cancer Messages Too Many, Puzzle Most  Annotated

                                                              “People should just do the basic things. Keep weight down by exercising,
                                                              don’t smoke, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Those are things we know
                                                              already, and they make the biggest difference” he says.

                                                              An estimated 30% of all cancer is related to smoking, while up to 20% more
                                                              is related to obesity. Whether the latest antioxidant or fish product works or
                                                              not, it is guaranteed to do a lot less than exercising and eating right.

                                                              “These three things we know are the best that we can do,” Niederdeppe says.
                                                              Klein adds one more: regular screening according to schedules recommended by
                                                              the National Cancer Institute.

                                                                No Excuses: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

                                                                  Tomatoes Don’t Prevent Prostate Cancer  Annotated


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                                                                        BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Mathematicians set Chinese test

                                                                          David Seah : Ok, I’m Inspired! Now What?  Annotated

                                                                            vegging out
                                                                              courage to pick just one thing and do it
                                                                                Perhaps focus isn’t about willfulness, power, and character after all. It might just be putting on blinders of productivity on the sides of your head so you aren’t distracted, so you get from point A to point B without freaking out.
                                                                                  Perhaps a suggestion would be to take a half hour or an hour to just let yourself be bored (note, not relax, but bored, as that’s where I think additional creativity can really occur). After that has manifested some really interesting projects- pick one and put up the blinders.

                                                                                    绿色下载站┊打造国内第一绿色软件园 — 下载首页  Annotated

                                                                                      The face, not the body, attracts a mate – sex – 13 May 2007 – New Scientist

                                                                                        Orgoo – The Web Email/IM Replacement

                                                                                          Massive GTD Resource List | zen habits

                                                                                            What happens to people when they get old? – a photoset on Flickr  Annotated

                                                                                              You don’t die but your body
                                                                                                They have gray hair and wrinkles
                                                                                                and they die.
                                                                                                  Heaven is a place where all
                                                                                                  animals go. People’s heaven is
                                                                                                  under ground.

                                                                                                    TheStar.com – Life – Japanese women bust out  Annotated

                                                                                                      It means “big-small-big” and it signals a change in the way Japanese women look: they’re getting curvier.
                                                                                                      • silly article?
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                                                                                                      Contra Asset Account  Annotated

                                                                                                        A contra asset account is a negative asset account. Examples of include a non-current asset like machinary that is depreciated, the depreciated amount is represented in the accounts as a contra asset.

                                                                                                          Contra asset – Definition from Investor Dictionary – Define meaning of the word Contra asset  Annotated

                                                                                                            An item that is entered on the asset side of an accounting ledger even though the item has a credit (negative) balance. For a thrift institution, contra assets include such items as deferred income and loans in process.