Vodafone CZ puts UMTS development on hold

From Telecompaper
Published: Friday 21 July 2006 | 12:32 PM CET

Vodafone Czech Republic has temporarily ceased its preparations for the launch of UMTS services, spokesperson Jakub Hrabovsky told Telecompaper. The company has decided to stop the UMTS project because it expects low returns on the investments in UMTS. Vodafone CZ plans to look for other options including using a mix of technologies, which could still include UMTS, or network sharing. In 2005, Vodafone won a UMTS licence for CZK 2 billion, and the licence condition stipulates the launch of services before January 2008. Hrabovsky said the company does not plan on giving back the licence, leaving the door open for future development on UMTS services.

Rock评论:沃达丰捷克推迟了3G,主要原因是担心3G的投资回报率不高;Mixed technology?有点含糊;有可能沃达丰高层担心的是成为第二个LG电信,LG电信由于迟迟不在韩国推出3G,招致了韩国监管部门的巨额罚款。

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