My diigo daily 05/14/2007

What happens to people when they get old? – a photoset on Flickr  Annotated

    You don’t die but your body

      They have gray hair and wrinkles
      and they die.

        Heaven is a place where all
        animals go. People’s heaven is
        under ground.

 – Life – Japanese women bust out  Annotated

            It means “big-small-big” and it signals a change in the way Japanese women look: they’re getting curvier.

            • silly article?
               – post by pianoer

            Contra Asset Account  Annotated

              A contra asset account is a negative asset account. Examples of include a non-current asset like machinary that is depreciated, the depreciated amount is represented in the accounts as a contra asset.

                Contra asset – Definition from Investor Dictionary – Define meaning of the word Contra asset  Annotated

                  An item that is entered on the asset side of an accounting ledger even though the item has a credit (negative) balance. For a thrift institution, contra assets include such items as deferred income and loans in process.


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