My diigo daily 05/18/2007


    Cancer Messages Too Many, Puzzle Most  Annotated

      “People should just do the basic things. Keep weight down by exercising,
      don’t smoke, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Those are things we know
      already, and they make the biggest difference” he says.

      An estimated 30% of all cancer is related to smoking, while up to 20% more
      is related to obesity. Whether the latest antioxidant or fish product works or
      not, it is guaranteed to do a lot less than exercising and eating right.

      “These three things we know are the best that we can do,” Niederdeppe says.
      Klein adds one more: regular screening according to schedules recommended by
      the National Cancer Institute.

        No Excuses: Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

          Tomatoes Don’t Prevent Prostate Cancer  Annotated


              瑞士共同基金骗局 | BLOG家园

                BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Mathematicians set Chinese test

                  David Seah : Ok, I’m Inspired! Now What?  Annotated

                    vegging out

                      courage to pick just one thing and do it

                        Perhaps focus isn’t about willfulness, power, and character after all. It might just be putting on blinders of productivity on the sides of your head so you aren’t distracted, so you get from point A to point B without freaking out.

                          Perhaps a suggestion would be to take a half hour or an hour to just let yourself be bored (note, not relax, but bored, as that’s where I think additional creativity can really occur). After that has manifested some really interesting projects- pick one and put up the blinders.


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