My diigo daily 06/17/2007

zen habit-每周回顾你的目标

    How to read a business book » Slacker Manager

      Science & Nature, 以及 Word 2007 – 刀枪Blue


          华尔街日报- 5家商业银行获批设立金融租赁公司  Annotated


              中国如何跳出货币陷阱(by 黄锫坚) – 思维的乐趣BLOG

                Nature high(by 叶滢) – 思维的乐趣BLOG  Annotated

                  My brain felt like it was at rest,free from the consuming frenzy.And I have to say, it was almost like a natural high.

                  I felt so peaceful inside,no… strange urge to be somewhere else,Maybe it could have seemed like boredom at first,but it quickly became very, very soulful…

                    这世界是个“阴谋”(by 黄锫坚) – 思维的乐趣BLOG

                      希望(by 方军) – 思维的乐趣BLOG

                        arm’s length price Definition  Annotated

                          arm’s length price


                          The price at which two unrelated and non-desperate parties would agree to a transaction. This is most often an issue in the case of companies with international operations whose international subsidiaries trade with each other. For such companies, there is often an incentive to reduce overall tax burden by manipulation of inter-company prices. Tax authorities want to insure that the inter-company price is equivalent to an arm’s length price, to prevent the loss of tax revenue.

                            arm’s length transaction Definition  Annotated

                              arm’s length transaction


                              A transaction between two related or affiliated parties that is conducted as if they were unrelated, so that there is no question of a conflict of interest. Or sometimes, a transaction between two otherwise unrelated or affiliated parties.