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仅仅是拿来主义?还是有更大的阴谋? (评论: 货币战争)  Annotated

 《货币战争》适时抛出的玄机是什么?如上面所说《货币战争》大部分内容来源于美国95’年业余纪录片”The Money Masters”细致到甚至章节结构,和每章重点(Highlighted Quotes) – 那些名人被断章取义的“讲话”在《货》中作为每章节的开篇语。TMM抛出时适逢美国95年美国股市在蓝筹股带领下连创新高,甚至打破“三重魔力”(triple-witching)的阻力,持续走强,黄金价格同时也一路上扬,而TMM出版之后,发生的时候什么情况呢?股市下挫!黄金价格波动!

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    IT偏见录 | 陈佼的blog: 瑞星免费的背后  Annotated



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      2007 Subprime mortgage financial crisis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Northern Rock – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Annotated

      The problems arose from difficulties banks faced over the Summer 2007 in raising funds in the money markets, caused by the subprime crisis in the United States. The bank is solvent but has a liquidity problem because a large part of the bank’s assets are held in mortgages, and are not accessible quickly.[18]

        Northern Rock Homepage CEO Message  Annotated

        A message From Northern Rock

        May I begin by offering our customers my sincere apologies for the anxiety and
        inconvenience that we have caused you. I know how worried many of you must
        have been.

        Today I want to make it emphatically clear to all Northern Rock customers that we are
        open for business as usual.

        We remain a well-managed company and continue to be a safe place for your savings,
        loans and mortgages.

        The simple fact now is that the Chancellor has made it clear that all existing deposits
        in Northern Rock are fully backed by The Bank of England and are totally secure during
        the current instability in the financial markets.

        We are all working night and day to provide you with the service that you expect from
        us and deserve from us. And I would like to express my appreciation to our staff for
        their work and commitment over the last few difficult days.

        Above all I would also like to thank all our customers for their support and understanding.

        I am also pleased to announce that any customer who has paid a penalty for withdrawing
        their investment, will have the penalty refunded if they re-invest the same amount in
        the same type of account by 5th October 2007.

        These have been troubled times but Northern Rock will prevail. We will not let you down.

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          How to Choose the Right Job So That You Can Have a Successful Career

          Whose Shadow Are You Standing In?  Annotated

          Learning – You may think that there isn’t anything else you could learn in your field, but this is far from the truth. Being in someone else’s shadow gives you a sideline view of all of their accomplishments and failures. What’s better than learning from someone else’s experiences and replicating all the things that would benefit you?

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            FT-NY listings flatter China’s top 10  Annotated

            There were different problems at the companies including insufficient cash flow to fund cash needs and a history of negative working capital, a condition that exists when a company grows rapidly, but which is unsustainable in the long run. The study found signs of possible earnings management with low allowances for bad debt and other provisions not keeping pace with inventory growth. That may mean so-called “cookie jar” accounting – where companies lower reserves and use excess cash to boost revenues.

              Cookie Jar Accounting


              FT-格林斯潘警告:美国房价可能大幅下跌  Annotated