My diigo daily 01/13/2008

子说&语录中国网友:告别2007 – Nings blog  Annotated

tags: 2007, 语录


升,华为公司死人数上升,我们的GDP在预料之中的上升了……就是那股市真TMD不配合,该涨不涨,该跌不跌。当然,中石油不会这么想! Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store

    tags: amazon, book, kindle, reading

    2007年相继去世的中外明星(图) – CNET科技资讯网

    tags: 2007, 记忆

    How to Change the World: Top Ten Myths of Entrepreneurship  Annotated

    tags: business, entrepreneurship, start-up

    Most entrepreneurs start businesses in
    attractive industries.
    Sadly, the opposite is true. Most entrepreneurs
    head right for the worst industries for start-ups. The correlation between the
    number of entrepreneurs starting businesses in an industry and the number of
    companies failing in the industry is 0.77. That means that most entrepreneurs
    are picking industries in which they are mostlikely to fail.

      剖腹产答问-胡因梦 – 新浪BLOG

      tags: 健康, 生活

      M Blogin’ » 莫让沉没成本影响决策

      tags: decision, 沉没成本

      M Blogin’ » 反GTD主义者

      tags: gtd

      每周回顾:GTD和实现目标的关键 – 褪墨

      tags: gtd, 时间管理

      岁末脱口秀:企业家们对《色戒》的反应-王冉 – 新浪BLOG

      tags: 搞笑, 电影, 色戒

      2008年的中国传媒业看什么-王冉 – 新浪BLOG

      tags: 2008, 媒体

      东航三角恋没有对错-王冉 – 新浪BLOG

      tags: 东航, 并购

      When Reality Knocks » Retirement

      tags: finance, retirement

      Time Zones and Daylight Savings Time

      tags: dst, time


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