My diigo daily 01/25/2008

[亚太] 亚洲股市反弹难掩美国经济衰退阴云-华尔街日报  Annotated

tags: asia, stock, wallstreet

A manager of a large hedge fund based in Hong Kong described yesterday’s trading
session in Asia as ‘very worrisome.’ Big intraday swings in some markets, in
particular, reveal an abiding uncertainty about the health of the global
financial system. ‘There is wild volatility, which means no one knows what to
do, and there is no single direction of the market,’ the manager said.
    Further dollar weakness would hamper Asian exports to the U.S. because American
    consumers would be forced to pay higher prices for goods.
      The Fed’s decision to push rates lower this quickly could exert further downward
      pressure on the dollar.

        How to Write First Thing in the Morning  Annotated

        tags: early-riser, morning, write

        Research. Do your research the afternoon or evening before.
        That way, you’re ready to write and don’t have to be distracted by going online
        to look something up. Just look everything up the day before, and save it all to
        a text file, so you can write without having to go online.


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