My diigo daily 03/15/2008

把烟草专卖局划归工业和信息化部很正确-王冉 – 新浪BLOG

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Do you master management or does management master you?  Annotated

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    Use the 5 keys of mastery below to assess your level and commitment to
    management mastery:

    1. Surrender to your passion: Is management just a
      job for you or does it ignite and embrace you passion?

    2. Practice, practice, practice: Do you practice the art and
      science of management one day at a time to develop a greater sense of mastery?
    3. Get a guide: Who is your coach, teacher, mentor of guide as
      you develop management mastery?
    4. Visualize the outcome: Can you see where you are headed in
      management and do you have both a dream and a plan?
    5. Play the edge: Are you thinking outside the box or
      differently inside the box or have you opened the management box to create a
      whole new edge to how you work with people, resources, organizations, and