My diigo daily 06/30/2008

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  • An article about how to embrace the change.

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      • Question: Why are some people and businesses better at change than others?

        Answer: After interviewing over 1,000 individuals about their experiences with change, I’ve found that there are nine principles that make people good at change:

        1. They have a positive belief about change and are generally optimistic. I call these people “change optimists.”

        2. They believe in the change guarantee: that something good always comes from change.

        3. They know that they possess a “change muscle”–that they are strong, capable, powerful, and intuitive enough to handle any change that comes into their lives or that they want to initiate.

        4. They refuse to become paralyzed by “change demons”–negative emotions that arise during change.

        5. They don’t resist change–choosing instead to accept the reality of their situation.

        6. They understand that their thoughts, the words they say and the feelings they allow themselves to experience during change have a direct affect on how easily they move through the transition.

        7. They believe that life has a deeper meaning than what can easily be seen or felt, that something greater is at play, and that no change is arbitrary.

        8. They surround themselves with a support team to help them move through change.

        9. They refuse to get stuck during change. They keep moving and take care of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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    • I think its very important that when change happens to look within yourself to see if he change was because of yourself and what happened. It usually means that you have strayed from yourself. Be true to yourself and the rest will follow.

My diigo daily 06/29/2008

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    • 花旗集团曾是美国市值最大的银行业公司,其股价已经较2006年的高点下挫了69%,降至10年来的最低点。主要的抵押贷款机构Washington Mutual较2003年高点下跌了89%,并处于1991年以来的最低水平。美林公司下挫66%,目前的股价是2003年来最低的。雷曼兄弟下跌74%,股价处于2002年来的最低点。
    • 银行还必须减少外债,降低放贷力度。尤为惊人的是,银行必须对贷款机制进行改造,现有的机制是基于银行可以将贷款打包成证券、然后卖给其他投资者这一观点而迅速发展起来的。这种机制促成了太多的问题证券,因而令投资者心怀警惕,但银行业还没有一个可以取代它的机制。
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