My diigo daily 06/21/2008

  • tags: sex, virginity, restoration, lies

    • The latest outcry against it has erupted in France, where a court has annulled a Muslim marriage because the bride misrepresented herself as a virgin. Feminists, the country’s justice minister, and even the European Parliament are getting into the act. According to Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, doctors who restore hymens are being accused of “reinforcing a gender bias” and “misleading family members of patients.” The chief ethicist of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics reports that “some physicians perform hymenoplasties on minors without the parental consent the law requires.”
  • tags: inflation, fed, us, economy

  • tags: 中国, 2008, 地震, 灾难, 股市

    • 中国股票的PEG值(市盈率/企业利润长期预期增长率)现在相对世界其他市场已很有吸引力。尽管没有人能预测股价的短期走势,但可以确定的是,中国股票目前的估值比它们曾经的水平要合理多了。
    • 最后一点,大多数投资者对中国市场的参与程度均严重不足。以官方汇率计算,中国在全球生产总值中所占的比例是5%,根据购买力平价进行调整后,中国在全球经济活动中的占比可能在10%左右。而大多数美国个人和机构投资者目前投在中国资产上的资金在其总投资中所占比例要远远低于10%。对一个过去25年来增长率居世界主要国家之首的经济体不能充分涉及,这是不是明智的。


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